Ed Schröder - author of Rebel and ProDeo

Rebel 16 is the next step in the cooperation between Ed Schröder (Rebel) and Chris Whittington (Chess System Tal).

Chris Whittington - author of Chess System Tal.

1. Rebel 16 uses the code base of Chess System Tal but comes with its own (much improved) network evaluation.
2. Rebel 16 will be the last version.
3. Now that our work is fully exchangeable (engine and network) Ed will fully devote his time on improving Chess System Tal.

Technical, much to say, best to follow this thread in our forum.


Update REBEL 16.2

1. Bugfix version time control and playing with multiple threads.

2. No engine or network improvements, some elo might come from the time control changes.

3. New UCI options.

• Polyglot book support. Default setting is off controlled by the UCI parameter Bookdepth=0 Changing the value (for instance) to 5 Rebel will limit the book moves till 5 moves.

Occasionally this might be handy to avoid long book move lines that end up in positions where there is noting to play for any longer. For full use of the book set Bookdepth=100.

The book is created by Jeroen Noomen, book creator since Rebell 5.0 released 1986. Many

voluminous experimental books are available from the Rebel website. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Evalcorrect - This option can be used to change the playing style of the engine. The default value is 202. Changing the value to 256 (the maximum) will increase the engine aggressiveness, a value of 1 (the minimum) will change the playing style to boring. In general values between 128 and 202 are good without much loss in elo.

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Last modification February 17, 2023

Rebel 16.2

Rebel 16.2 is only available for PC's with AVX2 support.

In general, if your

PC is older than 2013 Rebel might not run on your system.

Special thanks to Thorsten Czub for testing Rebel 16.2