ECTool is chess software for management of playing correspondence or email chess. The following are some of the most important features of the program:

Keep a database of games in progress and already completed, displaying the games in tabular form and showing them in a graphical Bookup (tm) style chess board. The game list show a flag regarding in which game is your turn to play.

Automatic creation of messages, in the various formats usually used in correspondence chess, in PGN format, in a simple text format, numeric (the official format of the ICCF - The International Correspondence Chess Federation), with the option of editing the message created, adding text and a signature, carbon copies etc.

Single and practical address book incorporated.

Authomatic game file transfer. This feature allows to play against another ECTool user receiving the game file attached to the email messages, then, the board will be updated authomatically.

Keep track of messages sent and received, with a single (and secure) message database.

Import/export games to and from PGN format. It also allows the updating of games being played from games received in email messages and pasted to the clipboard.


ECTool is written by Andres Valverde  who kindly contributed his program to Rebel Company to be distributed as freeware.

Rebel running in the background as an analysis engine.

Download ECTOOL 7.01

Warning: The Rebel engine doesn't run any longer on Windows 64 bit systems. We hope to release a fix in the future.

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