Chess System Tal

Rebel compatible

4 created neural networks compatible with Rebel 14 created by Chris Whittington

in the famous CSTAL style.

• Uniquely trained NNUE's, playing in style of Tal, estimated Elo 3000-3150 [ Github

• Download 1 Minute Blitzer Tal Style   ~3000 Elo

• Download 2 Minute Blitzer Tal Style   ~3050 Elo

• Download 5 Minute Blitzer Tal Style   ~3100 Elo

• Download 10 Minute Blitzer Tal Style ~3150 Elo


  • Fabien Letouzey for Fruit 2.1 

  • Pawel Koziol for Growing Fruit

  • Chris Whittington for the NNUE development system, creating the neural nets and the implementation of the necessary NNUE code.

  • Chess System Tal is released under the GPLv3 licence.

The real Chess System Tal (for the moment) is a private engine and is still under development.

The current Chess System Tal NNUE version 1.30 earned a rating of 3530 on the Gambit Rating list at place 4. Meanwhile you can enjoy the 4 special versions with the emphasis on playing style.


When chess programming was not only about engineering

by Boban Stanojević

Teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Last modified at April 1, 2022