Multiple EPD Analysis


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MEA is a tool (written by Ferdinand Mosca) that analyses an EPD position set in STS-style assigning bonus points pre-defined in each EPD record.

temere.epd (Latin for random) is a 4975 position set created from a much bigger random EPD collection in an intelligent way with as goal to produce a reasonable reliable ranking list of engines with an estimated error bar of -25/+25 elo at fast time controls like 100ms, 250ms, 500ms etc.



Time Control



Many engines don't obey the 100ms time control, either they play too fast (blue color) or use too much time (red color). It's therefore a bit hard to interprete the rankings. But things get better and better when we increase the time control.


Xiphos and Schooner start to climb but still move too fast.


The rankings are starting to make more sense.

one second

Poor Pedone, but the close agreement of rank-4 till rank-8 with the CCRL list is truly amazing!


1. Double click run-temere and watch the result. It takes 4 engines of equal CCRL strength (good old Ruffian, Wildcat, Rotor and Igel) and if it's good they will produce a reasonable close percentage.

2. Modify run-temere.bat to add the engines of your choice.


set MT=100 means move time in millieseconds.

Make set MRL equal to the EPD filename as in the example.

3. Aside from the automatic browser update after each run a copy in text format is created for easy sharing results, see temere.txt.


Ferdinand Mosca

for MEA

The programmers for the fair use of their engines