Rebel 9.0


With Rebel 9.0 it was time for something new. Knowing our program performed better against humans than computers why not step into the footsteps of Deep Blue that beat Gary Kasparov that year? And so we challenged Arthur Yusopov the then current number 10 of the world according to the FIDE rating list. Rebel won with 10½-6½. The match took place in Italy and has its own page.

Feature overview, for description see the old website.

Part of the Rebel 9.0 flyer (or what is left of it after 18 years)

Rebel 9.0 flyer

What was more?

Opening of the subscription area for free downloads for Rebel customers.

REBEL BONUS cdrom for free for Rebel 9.0 customers.

REBEL 9.0 reviews.

And of course as every year (since Rebel 6.0) Jeroen Noomen improved the REBEL opening book.

Download Rebel 9.0 and install it under D-Fend Reloaded, a Windows environment to run old DOS games smoothly and user friendly.

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