Rebel 8.0


The interface once again was fed with lots of new features, the below copy of our (1996) flyer gives a good impression of the changes and overall functionality of Rebel 8.0.

Further info from the old REBEL.NL website:

Rebel 8.0 screenshots.

9 program reviews.

Rebel 8.0 playing strength.

Technical note, the increase of playing strength was mainly due to the invention of static reductions throughout the whole tree as described on the Inside REBEL page.

Rebel 8.0 flyer (cover page)

Download Rebel 8.0 and install it under D-Fend Reloaded, a Windows environment to run old DOS games smoothly and user friendly.

The engine even was a surprise to us, we knew it was strong, yet it surprised us to lead the SSDF rating list ahead of number 2 with 61 ELO points.

It was the time Internet was booming and thus a lot of information is kept.

A collage of screenshots that highlight (explain) the Rebel 8.0 new features.

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Rebel 8.0 flyer (back page)

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