Rebel 6.0



1994 was a critical year for Rebel company. With the decline of Hegener and Glaser (a loss of 22 million german marks already in 1992) and the overtake by Saitek Hong Kong in 1994 (for 7 million US dollars) the revenues of our work eventually dried up, TASC was facing similar financial problems also due to a patent breach and since our cooperation with Millenium 2000 ended in court we were left with the dilemma either to quit or continue.

With no clients left who once or twice a year gave us a phonecall for the next version we were left on our own and do the all the work alone: production, marketing, advertising, building up a dealer network, direct sales to customers. Not exactly our specialty, we were programmers. Nevertheless we decided to give it a try and see what would happen.

The interface,

was rewritten from scratch now with fashionable pulldown menu's, the introduction of voluminous database facilities, various analysis features, Multilingual support (English, German, Dutch), 3 different piece sets, flexible hashtable support up to 8Mb which was about the maximum in those early days.

The engine,

gained a lot in strength also because the C++ code was ported to assembler which made sense these days as C-compilers weren't that good and the Rebel 6.0 engine profited with a speedup of roughly 30-35%.

Main screen

Download Rebel 6.0 and install it under D-Fend Reloaded, a Windows environment to run old DOS games smoothly and user friendly.

One of the database overviews,

calculate and sort players on ELO.

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