Rebel 12

Januari 2004

The very last DOS REBEL free for everybody.

No other information is given other than it was released in January 2004, 4 months after the release of REBEL 12 for Windows.  I assume it's the DOS mirror version of REBEL 12 for Windows tuned for human play rather than for playing against computers although the default REBEL.ENG settings suggest otherwise. I really can't remember.

There is a little glitch during the welcome screen, the program is complaining the tournament book isn't installed. You can safely ignore this message because the tournament really IS installed.

In 1980 I gave the program the name REBEL because (in the very beginning) it often did things I never ordered it to do and I felt it rebelled against his master. What could be more convincing to repeat that behaviour in the very last version?

Ed Schröder

June 2015

Download Rebel 12 and install it under D-Fend Reloaded, a Windows environment to run old DOS games smoothly and user friendly.

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