Reliving the 80's (Dedicated chess computers)

Reliving the 90's (ChessMachine & MSDOS)

Playing against the Mephisto MM4 or MM5 on your PC, it's almost for real.

Manual available.

Available from the Rebel 13 package.

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Januari 2022

Rebel 14 - back to the roots of 19 years ago and 350 elo stronger than the latest ProDeo 3.1

October 22, 2021

Study about draw rates and diminishing returns using time-odds matches. A glimpse into the future of computer chess.

October 18, 2021

Gambit Rating List

October 2021

Elo progression by year from  2006 till 2021.

October 2021

Benjamin 1.1 - Improved Playing Style and Strength.

September 2021

GRL Tournament at 20 cores. Introducing a new branch of the Gambit Rating List.

July 2021

CCRL vs GRL a comparison.

July 2021

Fun with Rating Lists.

Apri 2021

Knowledge Base 1.0 with SCID finished, 94 million analyzed positions.

March 2021

Update Annotator and ProDeo Knowledge with 25 gambits.

February 2021

ProDeo 3.1x - Book tuning with ProDeo.

February 2021

ProDeo 3.1 - the PESTO version. +50 elo.

February 2021

PGN Annotator - Fast game annotator and more.