Rodent NN

Rebel compatible

Rodent from Pawel Koziol is one of those engines with an excellent HCE evaluation.

Rodent IV 0.22 is rated 2988 on CCRL and 2998 on GRL.

We decided to move Rodent to NNUE evaluation, created a dataset of 800 million analyzed positions with Rodent 4.022 and moved the 800 million positions into the learner, tested the new created net with Rebel and Rodent NN gained about 200 elo over Rodent 4.022

In reality the Rodent net is actually 300 elo stronger when Pawel will implement the net into his own (Rodent) source code.


  • Fabien Letouzey, Thomas Gaksch, Jerry Donald Watson for Toga.

  • Ed Schröder for creating the 800M neural net and improving the Toga search.

  • Chris Whittington for the NNUE development system creating neural nets and the necessary NNUE code.

  • Rodent NN is released under the GPLv3 licence.

Rodent NN

Last modified at April 1, 2022