Combat Chess

Combat Chess is a version of the classic chess strategy.

Publisher: Empire Interactive

Developer: Empire Interactive

Genre: Board Game

Release Date: Nov 30, 1997

ESRB Descriptors: Comic Mischief, Animated Violence

Number of Players: 1-2

Combat Chess is a version of the classic chess strategy but with detailed pieces, different for both the white and black sides, and with animated movements to different squares of the game board.  When overtaking another piece, the game shows a brief battle sequence between the 2 pieces.

There is also a configurable, beat-driven soundtrack consisting of a variety of drums, wind sounds, and other ambient noises such as screams and creaky doors to entertain you while you play.

The orientation of the board is also configurable, as is the level of game information via a number of Windows dialogs (such classical chess board representation and algebraic move history).

Human vs. human play is supported on the same computer or via the network.

Minimum System Requirements : System: Pentium-75 or equivalent RAM: 16 MB Video Memory: 1 MB Hard Drive Space: 40 MB

Combat Chess is still sold thus we can't offer it for download.