ProDeo 2.9

The Programmer




As an engine programmer (without an Interface) it's an annoying fact you can't present your chess engine as you want it to be because the Interface decides what you are going to see on your screen. This new version is going to change that, via a freeware text program 10 extra information pages are available.


ProDeo 2.9 comes in 2 versions, the standard version and and extended version with a large opening book and a large EOC opening tree.



Will show the PGN, EPD and the main lines of the current position.



Will show the book moves of the current position.



Will show the chess tree of the current position.



Will show an overview of the main evaluation parts of the current position.



Will show the root moves of each iteration.



Programmer info of the finished search.



Search overview since installation.



Debug a move sequence.



Search interesting move(s) only, not all.



Exclude move(s) from searching.

To refresh a page press F4


Additional information


Switch from the old Spracklen (2 bytes) move format which was in use by many others (Genius, ChessMaster, TASC, Frans Morsch) to the (16 bytes) Polyglot format. Advantage, faster and easier to maintain, for instance with SCID for PC. The standand version comes with an opening book of 260.000 positions, the extended vesion with an opening book of 22 million positions.



For a full explanation what the goals are of an EOC database check the old REBEL website. The standard version comes with a small database of 1.8 million positions created from games of the world champions of the last 150 years. In the extended version the database was created from Millionbase and contains 108 million positions.



Something like this every engine programmer must have. Numbers are in binary where 256 is 1.00 being one pawn. The final score, the sum of the evaluation parts is displayed in decimal.



Gives an insight of the diminishing effect at which depth the engine no longer changes its mind about the best move. The statistic is split into 3 parts, statistics for the middle game, end game and late end game. The example given is made from self play matches at fast time controls.



Sometimes as a programmer you want to know what's going on in that giant chess tree of millions of positions, tracing the search can (emphasis added) help. The example text is the result of typing "e2e4 e7e5 g1f3 b8c6 d2d4" from the start position, press the save button and start analyzing, thereafter keep pressing F4 after each iteration for an update. Some explanatons:


Score - is the return value of the search after d2d4 is fully searched which will be stored into the TT.

No - is the place in the (sorted) move list.

ND - is the new modified depth by the various extensions and reductions.



Another debug tool to check the reliability of the search. The negative side effects of modern search techniques are often amazing. Just 2 random examples:


r3qrk1/4bppp/4p3/p2pP2Q/1p1B4/1PpPP3/P1P2RPP/5RK1 w - - bm Rf6;

With a normal search it will take almost an half hour to find the winning Rf6 move, when we type f2f6 + save + analyze and thus only search Rf6 as move a winning score shows up quickly. And just when you might think that's ProDeo specific you may want to try this position with Stockfish 9, it needs a 37 ply search.


r1b1k2r/p2n1ppp/1p2p3/3p2B1/P2P4/1Nn1P3/5PPP/R3KB1R w KQkq - bm f3;

We type f2f3 (winning a pawn) + save + analyze and a positive score shows up after 3 seconds at depth 14. A normal search needs 18 plies and 1 minute.



r1b1k2r/p2n1ppp/1p2p3/3p2B1/P2P4/1Nn1P3/5PPP/R3KB1R w KQkq - bm Bxh7+;

This is Kasparov - Deep Blue and (chicken) Kaspy did not dare Bxh7+ instead he played the solid a3. ProDeo does the same, after 16 plies a3 is still the best move but surprisingly has Bxh7+ as continuation! So what if we exclude a2a3 from the search? And so we type a2a3 + save + analyze and indeed Bxh7+ at iteration 16 shows up as best move.


So basically this function can be used as a NEXT BEST alternative.



To run ProDeo you will need to announce the engine first, under Chessbase this means:

Engine -> New UCI engine -> Browse -> RebelUCI.exe


Under ChessPartner do:

Extra -> Engine Import Wizard -> Winboard engines -> Install -> ProDeo.exe


For Arena:

Engines -> Install new engine -> RebelUCI.exe



Final remarks


1. Some Interfaces (like Arena) when launched won't load the current engine until it is commanded something to do, no worries, Editpad will show up as soon the engine is approached.


2. Like ProDeo 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 this is a new feature version only, no changes to the engine itself.


3. Because of all the maintenance of the text files the engine might even lose some elo points in strength.



Standard version Approx 21 Mb

Extended version

Approx 837 Mb