Protools 1.6a

Special edition

Note that ProTools runs best when installed into the C:\ directory. Starting it from the installed Prodeo shortcut will initialize the ugly console screen more eye pleasing.

This version of Protools centers on the games of the CCRL (40/4 & 40/40) and CEGT (40/4 & 40/20) rating lists, together over 5 million games stored in a fast database format and how to speedy create selective PGN files. 99.5% of the games contain the elo rating as found on the rating list which makes it easy to filter games on engine strength and use them for instance to improve (or create) opening books. Other selective creteria are on player (create player collections), year and text.

Step by step

. Press [F9] and pick Export to PGN from the menu using the arrow keys.

. Select the database all.dat. It's where the 5 million games are stored.

. Type the PGN output file, for instance "output.pgn"

. You are moved into the selection menu, see below picture.

Press C to change the settings.

Player - Create a PGN from the engine of your choice, part of the engine name is enough. Type for instance stockfish and all games of all Stockfish versions will be stored in PGN format. Included in the download is the file rebel12.pgn, typing rebel was enough to filter the games of the ancient Rebel 12 and Rebel 12.01 versions. Press enter to ignore this search option.

Minimum ELO - In case of an ELO rating search -- such as the 3200 above -- all games between two 3200+ elo rated engines will be output to PGN. As examples 3200.pgn (85.060 games) and 3300.pgn (22.549 games) are included in the download. In  case you want to store the whole 5 million database to PGN press enter on all search settings.

Year from | to - Not very interesting for comp-comp games but very useful for human-human databases. Press enter to ignore these 2 search options.

Text - Useful in case you want to select on CCRL or CEGT games. Most games contain the CCRL or CEGT mark or on time control, CCRL games most of the time contain the [Event "CCRL 40/4"] tag, CEGT games sonething in the order of [Event "CEGT Blitz 40/4 (2Ghz)"].

When you have finished your selections press G that will start the (below) search process.

As one can see a selection of 3100 ELO will result in a PGN with 259.470 games.

That's it.