My Top 10

My favorite music TOP-10

My all time number 1

Number 3 - Mellifluent Schubert but the kind of perfect honeyed music.

Next to Coldplay James Last is my all time favorite artist and how IMO classical music should have been.

Number 5 - From the early 70's. And (like Child in Time from Deep Purple) this song never was a big hit at release time.

Same with Fix you from Coldplay, it took more than a decade before it was chosen as best Coldplay song in the yearly Dutch TOP-2000 list. Some songs need time.

Number 7 - Ekseption is my third best music artist after James Last and Coldplay. They changed known classical music into a sort of jazz. Listen how they for instance changed Bach's famous Toccata and Fuga into something total new.

Number 9 - Freddy Mercury and Madam Montserrat Caballé singing Barcelona a wonderful combination of pop and opera.

Closely followed by Fix You from Coldplay, the best pop group ever.

Number 4 - Not one of my favorite bands but this song is superb.

Number 6 - James Last again with George Zamfir on the panpipe.

It became number one in the Dutch TOP-40 at the time.

Number 8 - Christmas song by a famous Dutch choir.

Number 10 - Best performance of Beethoven's The Emperor.