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Some final remarks

  1. Although the it is expected the REBEL evaluation is only fed with legal positions it has a safety check inside, if z3=33 then obviously something is wrong as the king can be captured, see remark in eval1.c

  1. On the other hand if w3=33 then the move led to this position is giving a check.

  1. Several evaluation ingredients are missing since they are handled in the preprocessor of Mephisto Gideon Professional, the main important ones are:

  • No code to avoid early queen play.
  • No pawn king shelter code.
  • No stimulation code to castle.
  • No stimulation code to exchange pieces in a won position and vice versa.

License TSCP code

The TSCP code is copyrighted, please respect the wish of the author, you need Tom's permission to create a derivative work.

License REBEL code

The REBEL source code is free and can be used (and improved) by everybody. I have only one wish, if you decide to use it (or parts from it) that you make reference to it in your documentation (README etc.) or even better subscribe to the Programmer Code of Honor, a pledge to be open about the origin of your engine.


I am planning to upgrade the 1993 evaluation gradually to the latest version of 2013.

Run eval.exe for a first impression and check with main.cpp

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