Reliving the 80's (Dedicated chess computers)

Reliving the 90's (ChessMachine & MSDOS)

Playing against the Mephisto MM4 or MM5 on your PC, it's almost for real.

Manual available.

Available from the Rebel 13 package.

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Februari 2018

More DOS oldies


Januari 2018

Start your engines, solving hard positions.


Januari 2018

Know Your Classics.


Januari 2018

Two yearly update MillionBase, added 350.000 new games.


December 2017

ELO progression statistics measured by year.


December 2017

Programmer Corner, unorthodox ideas that might work.


November 2017

5 million computer chess games (CCRL and CEGT)


October 1, 2017

ProDeo 2.6 the do it yourself version available.


September 16, 2017

ProDeo 2.5 the Gospel version.


August 28, 2017

Introduction to ERL, a new type of competition.


August 3, 2017

Study about CPU | CORE

scheduling (behaviour).


July 2017

ProDeo 2.4 the ELO challenge version.


April 2017

ProDeo 2.3 the BUDDY version.


September 2016

ProDeo 2.2