Mephisto Gideon


The first 3-4 years of the 90's was a turbulent transition period of moving REBEL to different platforms because (as Bob Dylan would say) the times were changing.

First I was unhappy with the hardware assigned to me by Hegener and Glaser. With only 64Kb ROM and 8Kb RAM running only at a 5Mhz 8-bit 6502 chip I hardly saw possibilities (any longer) for further improvements. I needed a new challenge.

My choice fell on the ARM RISC a 32-bit environment and as deveopment machine the Archimedes from ACORN. And so the REBEL 6502 asseembler code was ported to ARM assembler and from there on further improved. The program was offered to Hegener & Glaser but they declined as it didn't fit into the high-middle-low-end marketing strategy as explained on the MMIV page and so the Archimedes program became The Chessmachine produced in cooperation with TASC.

During that same period INTEL was on the rise. The 80286 (16-bit) (1982-1990) wasn't much of a competition and although the 80386 (32-bit) (1986-2007) was a lot better the special hardware from TASC easily outperformed the 80386 for the PC. All of that changed with the release of the 80486 (1989-2007) which preluded the end of dedicated computers. It was time to port REBEL again to the future, the PC, the result Mephisto Gideon and Mephisto Advantage in cooperation with Hegener and Glaser and Mephisto Gideon Professional in cooperation with Millennium 2000.


Typical Mephisto operation style.

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Download Mephisto Gideon Professional and install it under D-Fend Reloaded, a Windows environment to run old DOS games smoothly and user friendly.