Mephisto MMV


32 Kb Rom, 8 Kb Ram

Processor: 6502 - 8 bit

Frequency: 5 Mhz

The MMV gained 70 ELO over its predecessor but made a name for itself as tactical monster because it often could solve deep combinations strewing with mates in 7 or 8 moves while only doing 500-600 nodes a second on a 5 Mhz 6502 processor.

That's was quite new in those early days.

The system is described at the Inside REBEL page, paragraph long checks.

A couple of examples, again the German WIKI is quite helpful.

Paul Morphy

1. Qf7+ Kxf7 2. gxh8N+ Ke8 3. Ng7+ Kd8 4. Nf7+ Kc7 5. Ne8+ Kc6 6. Ne5+ Kb5 7. Nc7+ Kxa5 8. Nc4++ 1-0

Solved in 1:43 with Mate in 8 announcement.



Solved in 36 seconds