Reliving the 80's (Dedicated chess computers)

Reliving the 90's (ChessMachine & MSDOS)

Playing against the Mephisto MM4 or MM5 on your PC, it's almost for real.

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September 2020

re-activation of the Programmer Code of Honor

September 2020

Update Speedy Rating List with the latest NNUE engines. 

September 2020

OKE - Opening Knowledge Engines - one year after.

August 2020

The 6502 micracle, the MM5, Polgar, Milano etc. running at 100 Mhz.

July 2020

Stockfish NNUE, the new revolution in computer chess.

July 2020

ZeroFish getting the best out of two worlds.

June 2020

Experiment 11

Educational fun with knight-odds matches.

June 2020

Website engines, get the latest version.

June 2020

Stockfish Handicap Matches.

May 2020

NICE 1.2 - a new and fast engine tuning tool.

Februari 2020

Benjamin 1.0 - The Gambit version of ProDeo.

July 2019

Poly 1.5 in combination with ProDeo 2.92

July 2019

Refurbished ?

We say yes.

June 2015

Start of this web site.