Reliving the 80's (Dedicated chess computers)

Reliving the 90's (ChessMachine & MSDOS)

Playing against the Mephisto MM4 or MM5 on your PC, it's almost for real.

Manual available.

Available from the Rebel 13 package.

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June 2019

OKE - Opening Knowledge Engines.

June 2019

Poly 1.4 - New features.

June 2019

Somu 1.4 - Analyze EPD now with Multi-PV.

May 2019

Amazing Stockfish.

April 2019

Poly 1.3 add ELO to your Polyglot book.

March 2019

Experiment 11 - Similarity between the top engines back then and now.

March 2019

Experiment 10 - The advantage of the first move.

January 2019


No joke!

January 2019

Poly 1.2 new features 

and more flexibility.

January 2019

ProDeo 2.91 UPDATE

Added new features.

December 2018

ProDeo 2.9 UPDATE

Added new features.

December 2018

STK for Stockfish 10.

September 2018

ProDeo 2.9 The Programmer version.

August 2018

ProDeo 2.8 introducing Sleepy, Sloppy and Stupid